Saturday, June 14, 2008

a dream that comes true

This is Corinaldo, the most beautiful suburb of Italy, it has 5500 inhabitants and incredible beautiful are the 1 kilometer defense walls, which have remained intacts since the 1400s.

Why I am talking about Corinaldo?? Do you remember I told you that I had something important to tell you? well, my fiancé and I, we have taken an Hotel. Exciting, I've never done this work before, I did law at the university! But my dream was to open a B&B, and now I will manage a hotel in a 1700 building that first was a monastery. The building is so beautiful. Really,a dream!The hotel is situated in the most gorgeous medieval suburb of Italy. Corinaldo. The whole structure is perfect, the furniture in the rooms are not so nice, but we'll change this during the first years. In the middle of the building is a lovely kiosk, very elegant!

We decided so fast, my Alessandro is a journalist and he has a press office and so we thought that this was a good opportunity for us. We have a lot of projects, we really want to work with all the best products of this region, and in our hotel we'll try to make to fall in love our clients of the place and the tastes of this region.
I'm so sorry that I haven't made some picture of the Hotel, but I promise I'll do that really soon. So you can follow the evolution of the changes we'll make, that in the beginning won't be many because we have to open the 1 of July,HELP!!
We are changing the reception, the hall and the kiosk. Naturally also all the laundry, pillows, tablewear etc... A lot of work!!!
Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the amazing hills that surround this city, but I'm going to let you see little by little this lovely place.

greetz by tiz
have a nice evening!


a. said...

what a lovely story...tell us the rest! bisou a.

Anonymous said...

I will do that!
thank u so much!