Tuesday, September 29, 2009

oh la la !

My current obsession?

Love these Giorgio Armani berets, but also the vintage and handmade berets!I love them ALL!

BBDexter 's shop

Night Wing Vintage

yarn over movement handmade creations

photo via Vintage me

photo via Inspired by...Stardoll 'the always charming Dita'
Do you have a current obsession?

Greetz from Tiz

Sunday, September 27, 2009

my week-end

Hi my friends, here we are again.
Like I've promised you I show you some pics from the vintage fair.
It was fun and with the lovely Anna we did some shopping...

There was a little bit of everything, vintage from the 40' till the 80's and some young designers with reproduction and vintage inspired clothes.

My new hat! You can see a better picture on Anna's blog :-)

By the way, Anna's etsy shop is full of new items. Her new lovely creations are beautiful.
Look at these so sweet hairpins and these super fantastic little hats!

Ans this is what we found at the beach, yesterday..it was a lovely day, we had a ride with the bics...so relaxing and so amusing, all these colours...

The teddy bears were my favorites!
Have a good start of a new week,
Greetz from Tiz
nb. stay tuned, very soon: my first giveaway!

Friday, September 25, 2009

tomorrow... for one day back to the past!

I'm so happy that the week is over because tomorrow it will be a very beautiful day. I will go with the lovely Anna, the cupcake diary, to a vintage fair! I'm sure that we'll have great fun. I hope to make many pictures to show you...
Have a funny weekend too!
Greetz from tiz
In the meantime some Etsy ideas.

This is the most beautiful 40's purse I've ever seen.
Planetclairevintage's shop

Look the details of this handmade cameo brooch, very delicate.
kjoo's shop
Butterfly lampshade made by a traditional wool felt hat base.
MIXKO's shop

Hope you like it!
greetz x

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

some new things

My mother is back from belgium, she went to my sister and the rest of the family.
She turned with some nice surprises...this one is from my sister...
A box for my new glasses! (that I will show you very soon)!

And these products from Santa Maria Novella! That I adore adore adore!!
The talkpowder and soap! The powder got an amazing smell of roses..I'm so happy with it!
(sorry for the bad picture)

This is not a present but I saw it HERE and it's just too cute!
A USB plug! Cool for on the desk, isn't it...

And this is an original and pleasant way to bring out the garbige...
found here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

original furniture

It's monday again! Another week has started...

Today I was so inspired by the this blog of Jana where I've found these so cute and original funiture! They have also a shop online!

By schubLaden

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good weekend!

It's weekend again! I will be working these days...but I wish you a very relaxing, amusing, full of love weekend!

pic:made by me-Senigallia beach

And these are my friends, aren't they cute with the 'Summer jamboree' T-shirt?!

I will be back on monday!
See u!
Greetz from Tiz

Thursday, September 17, 2009

flat but elegant

In this time of the year I always got a problem with my shoes. It's too warm for boots and too cold for open sandals, so maybe the best and more comfortable solution is ... the ballerina shoes!

Minna parikka

foto: stylefrizz.com

Pretty Ballerinas
ps.here a picture of the designer Minna parikka, isn't she a gorgeaous girl?Just fabulous!

photo: www.fashionfinland.com

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the more the better!

I got a little obsession...pochettes, little purses...My bag is full of these, for the coins , for the mak-up , for my glasses, etc etc!!

These are too cute...I bought a yellow for my mother!
Vintage: frannyvintage

handmade: chidesigns

And you? Do you like purses, clutches, pockets?
greetz x

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lovely details

I think that you already know my love for hearts and bows!
Waiting that my bow-jumpers are ready, I share with you these lovely pictures...

The elegance of Grace.

Vintage bow-blouse by 23stien's shop


Dior! Vintage pattern

Sweet dress by
craftycrowvintage's shop

Greetz from Tiz