Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a vintage way of life at the Summer jamboree

Greetings from the Summer Jamboree 2011 , Senigallia , Italy...

beautiful people...


All these amazing photos by libero Api

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Can I have everything please!

That's it! For me this is an amazing collection! Very 40's but with a taste of folklore, this Russian accent makes it amazing. I'm completely in love... the designer is Ulyana Sergeenko in the picture above( via here).

greetz from tiz, x

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

loving the 40's look

Hi there,
I'm back!
Mu summer was, is (because the weather here in Italy is still HOT)fun! The family and friends that came to visit us are back at work in Belgium and so real life is back again also for me!
My little boy is so sweet and 'oh so a good boy'!He is sleeping now...my angel!
The Summer Jamboree was amazing as always .Great fun, beautiful people.(soon some pics)
Now I'm working at the new Greetzfromtiz collection that I hope it will be ready for november! Later more about it!

Have you seen the Miu Miu winter collection? I adore it!!
It's so 40's!Lovely the dresses , the accessoires, the shoes,...everything!
what do you think about it?

And what to say about madonna's dress wearing at the film festival in Venice, simply amazing.

This shows that the fashion of the past is still so stylish and modern today.

Have a good day and see you tomorrow!
Greetz x