Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wishing you...

A Happy new Year to everybody!

I thank you for this beautiful year together. It's a special time of my life and I'm loving it!!
I hope you are all well, that you will have a fantastic new year and all the very best!!
See you in 2011...

With all my heart my best greetz,xxx

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lovely blog: SophieSweetVintage

Hi sweet readers,
everything ok? Have you all bought the Christmas presents? ...I haven't! Help!
Don't want to think about it now...tomorrow is another day!
Well, these days, to celebrate her first anniversary, the lovely blog Sophie Sweet Vintage is celebrating with a fantastic blogmarathon. A lot of giveaways, fanastic post and guests...yes and I will be her guestblogger too one of these days...So stay tuned and follow her blog!

See you tomorrow,
Greetz from Tiz,xxx

Friday, December 17, 2010

friday love: some of my favourite things

White and elegant, for men and women,young and old...I love the shirt.

Moschino-Marlène-Victor&Rolf via

even on the table! via here

It's not the first time that I tell you that I adore soft pink...

Very cool and funny-Marc jacobs 2011
Have a good week-end,
greetz x x x

Friday, December 10, 2010

friday love: lovely brooches made in Italy

It's a long time, I know! But the days are too short for me now!
In the mean time, my belly is growing, I'm in my 7th month now and it feels so good!
Well I will do my best to post some lovely things these last weeks of 2010... starting with today!
This brooches are very original! Vintage bottons used to create these adorable button-owls. I like it so much when vintage things are reused! Simply fantastic.
It's also a lovely Christmas idea, girls!!
So these brooches are all unique numbered pieces and all handmade,realized exclusively with vintage buttons.
The collection is created by Francesca Morini and Nimé studio.
You can aslo visit the blog or buy on etsy:

My favourite is the one with the little watch!
Good week-end to you all!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Colourful Christmas ideas

Every year I tell myself:'this year I will start very early with the research of lovely and original Christmas presents.' But it's impossible!! Every year I'm searching the last days for presents and sometimes I just buy things, even if I'm not so enthusiast about it.
So today I started my little resarch on the web and I 've found this Italian 'Miho' brand that is very colourful and ecofriendly. I like it a lot!Even for the little baby's room this could be a lovely idea.;-))

I especially like the birdhouses, I think these are so adorable!
What do you think about it? make beautiful packagings you can find all kind of tapes and more from hipaholic
See you tomorrow with some other ideas!