Friday, October 30, 2009

a little bit of this and a little bit of that...

To start, little sweet things that I like...

Decorative pumpkins by and needle felted wool


and... man of my dreams...hihihi...

Wish you all the best, have a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hair styles

I love to play with my hair and my inspirations at the moment are these adorable ladies!
(click to enlarge)

Dita's hair is always perfect - Milla Jovovic is beautiful with all kind of haircuts - I adore the heart of Noisettes,she is awsome!!! - this elvis look,like my sister calls it, is perfect for the sweet Audrey - and this red lady looks like an actress of the '40, so beautiful.(pic of Stefano Rivoir

ps.Today, I tryed the 'elvis -look',

greetz x

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Queens of Vintage

Reading the blog Kafferepet of the lovely Miriam, I've discovered that there is a
'Top 100 queens-list'.
It's so cool to see the pictures of these amazing women.
check here:

the lovely Miriam is the 43 th vintage queen.

the so special Heini Nicole..

And much much more beauties...
have fun!greetz from tiz

Monday, October 26, 2009

Back! Back! Back!

I missed you so much!
My visit in Belgium is finished for now and I'm back with you and this makes me so happy!
I made some pics but I'm really a mess, I forgot the camera in Belgium and so you have to be patient!
My return from Belgium was immediately hilarious, yesterday my best friends had their wonderful wedding...She was so beautiful!
click to enlarge

So back to the blog....

Do you already know Sarah? This london girl with a great passion for vintage who decided to set up a shop in her own home. Her home, round the corner from Portobello Market where she has a stall, is now overflowing with treasures and delights and she welcomes visitors with tea and cakes.

You can find not only clothes but also a lot of creative items!

I wish I had such a stall!

visit: Supermarket Sarah

See u tomorrow, greetz my sweeties!

Monday, October 12, 2009

I ♥ Belgium

My sweet girls (and some boys) I 'm going to Belgium for a little visit to my family and friends!
I hope to find some time to keep on blogging!
Have a good week, warm hugs, x... and keep tuned!

the winner is...

Today, the winner of the Summer Jamboree Giveaway!
And the gift goes 2 ...
the innocent hand of my mother ...
Congratulations my dear! I will send you a mail very soon!
Thank you everybody, I hug you and kiss you.
greetz x x x

Thursday, October 8, 2009

authentic retro wedding

No, these are not old pictures, but made a few days ago, here in Italy by the very talented Libero Api.' The ufficial photographer' of the Summer Jamboree made these incredible beautiful images.
Like you can see everything and everybody is in perfect 30's-40's style. Incredible.
She is so beautiful, her dress is a dream.

I adore this fabulous wedding reportage by Libero.
They met eachother (the photographer and this young couple) at the Summer Jamboree. She has always been a muse for his pictures during the festival and so they decided to have him at their wedding! And like you can see...the result is excellent!

So, if you desire a reportage like this on THE day of your life, you can find him here!
Greetz and have a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Very quickly a little post before I go to the cinema!
I saw these lovely paper pom poms several times and today I've tryed to make them! Very easy!
They are so cute in many occasions!

Here some nicer pictures...
via here

and a little help from here

have a good evening!
greetz and kisses , tiz

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Photo: The golden age of couture

Lovely, sweet, funny, sexy, retrò..I think that wearing beautiful stockings is very important for a lady. As you can see in this fabulous picture of the '50's Mr.Fath already had a special attention for these stockings.

Today watching the'glamour' of october I saw these lovely bow tights! First I thought that the bows were attached at the shoes but I was wrong! aren't these lovely?By Bebaroque

On their website you can see a lot of other funny and original tights.

These are fantastic!

pics here
Otherwise, for those who don't like wearing stockings, there is this old and still used solution: Leg make-up!
This was a good way in the 40's, when during the war finding stockings was very difficult.
pics.: The 40's look by Mike Brown

Enjoy, a lot of greetz! x x x

Monday, October 5, 2009


Voilà...monday again! How was your weekend?
Mine was terrible, I've spent 2 days in bed with headache and also today I'm not feeling super good. I hope it will pass quickly.

What do you think about these Benoit Missolin's headbands? Original, aren't they?! I love these so much. Here you can find more!

Friday, October 2, 2009


So here we are! My first giveaway for you!
You all know how I adore the 'Summer Jamboree' and so I 'm very happy to give you a cool T-shirt, a notebook and a cd with the songs live from the SJ 2008!

All you have to do is to leave a comment on this post and If you want post a link of the contest on your blog so you have double the chance to win.

The giveaway ends on monday, the 12th october!

Good luck!

greetz! x

Thursday, October 1, 2009

win a vacation in Italy!

Today I want you to relax and to have a trip with me in my region ' Le Marche'.
I live here now 12 years and in the beginning it was not very popular but now it is having more importance than the well-known Tuscany.
The beauty of this region is the 'semplicity'.
Here you can find everything, breathtaking hills with wonderful vineyards, the adriatic coast, small little and historical towns. Obviously very good wine and food. In Le Marche and more precisely in Senigallia are situated 2 of the most important restaurats of Italy! Am I lucky to have these in my city!

Why am I talking you about this? Well, a young jornalist has invented this fantastic idea and with a group of friends they transformed the idea in reality. And today the Marcheshire project is having a wonderful succes. Marcheshire means Marche Gourmet: there is a shop situated in Senigallia where you can find all the products of the marche, from pasta to chocolate, from honey to bier, all kind of wines...You can have a special braekfast and a degustation of wine. These products are also available in their internet store. They make beautiful packagings for Christmas and they send all over the world.

Marcheshire means Marcheshire Travel, they find you accomodation in the most fantastic places of this region, they plan your stay and trips. Here you have a lot of outlet stores ( Hogan, Tod's, Frau etc.) and if you decide after your trip to be in love with this place and to buy a house, no problem Marcheshire Home will think also about that! They can find you everything your heart desires. And last but not least, let's talk about Marcheshire Art. They have an artgallery with excellent artworks, obviously artist from Le Marche. An expert will bring you in this fantastic world and explain you all these works.

Are you a little curious? Well you can win a wonderful vacations in this region, the only thing you have to do is to fill in your details on-line or on the postcard in one of our gourmet shops to give yourself the chance of going on one of the wonderful tours to be won in our competition.

You can win one of the 6 vacations and have such a great time. You have time until january...have a look!
pics from Marcheshire

greetz my friends!
Tomorrow I will show you my first giveaway!
Have fun... x