Thursday, October 1, 2009

win a vacation in Italy!

Today I want you to relax and to have a trip with me in my region ' Le Marche'.
I live here now 12 years and in the beginning it was not very popular but now it is having more importance than the well-known Tuscany.
The beauty of this region is the 'semplicity'.
Here you can find everything, breathtaking hills with wonderful vineyards, the adriatic coast, small little and historical towns. Obviously very good wine and food. In Le Marche and more precisely in Senigallia are situated 2 of the most important restaurats of Italy! Am I lucky to have these in my city!

Why am I talking you about this? Well, a young jornalist has invented this fantastic idea and with a group of friends they transformed the idea in reality. And today the Marcheshire project is having a wonderful succes. Marcheshire means Marche Gourmet: there is a shop situated in Senigallia where you can find all the products of the marche, from pasta to chocolate, from honey to bier, all kind of wines...You can have a special braekfast and a degustation of wine. These products are also available in their internet store. They make beautiful packagings for Christmas and they send all over the world.

Marcheshire means Marcheshire Travel, they find you accomodation in the most fantastic places of this region, they plan your stay and trips. Here you have a lot of outlet stores ( Hogan, Tod's, Frau etc.) and if you decide after your trip to be in love with this place and to buy a house, no problem Marcheshire Home will think also about that! They can find you everything your heart desires. And last but not least, let's talk about Marcheshire Art. They have an artgallery with excellent artworks, obviously artist from Le Marche. An expert will bring you in this fantastic world and explain you all these works.

Are you a little curious? Well you can win a wonderful vacations in this region, the only thing you have to do is to fill in your details on-line or on the postcard in one of our gourmet shops to give yourself the chance of going on one of the wonderful tours to be won in our competition.

You can win one of the 6 vacations and have such a great time. You have time until january...have a look!
pics from Marcheshire

greetz my friends!
Tomorrow I will show you my first giveaway!
Have fun... x


Loving Chiaradeanna said...

Ciao, ho appena fatto un giro sul tuo blog! complimenti, proprio carino! :)

Greetz from Tiz said...


Bi. said...

hei zusie!
zoals beloofd ben ik nu op je blog! klikken maar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-))

Diva said...

Ah, Italy I remember it well... I studied latin for three years in school ( mostly because I was passionate about the history ) So, when the entire class went to Rome for a week I had the time of my life. Although it was a bit of a shock to have fullgrown men smile and wistle at you... Then a few years later I had a New Years night in Florence ( why didn´t I stay to see it in sunlight !!! ) Italy, the food, the films, the language I love, yet didn´t get to choose at school for lack of teachers.... Your blog is like a perfume bottle that reminds me of all this - Grazie ! :)