Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jacques Fath

When I saw this pictures I had to check out who the creator was and I found this...

This extraordinary breathtaking creation is made by Jacques Fath, a French fashion designer who was considered one of the three dominant influences on postwar haute couture, the others were Christian Dior and Pierre Balmain.

He was a delightful young man and his charms were appreciated a lot by the press and his clients. It's a pity that his career was so short, he died very young.
He was married with Geneviève Boucher de la Bruyère. She was a former model from an aristocratic family and she directed the business side of her husband's firm during his lifetime.

Here is an other creation, 1951.
I think that his work was really fantastic!
I adore the first dress (above), so feminine, classic but modern at the same time.

hope you enjoyed!
Greetz from Tiz


AlicePleasance said...

Che meraviglia! Pensa che bello avere un marito così: bello e che ti fa tanti bei vestiti ;-)

Poke Salad Annie said...

beautiful creations indeed! i really enjoyed this post :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

He was such a talent, it really is a shame that he passed away during the mid-50s. I can only image the wondrous looks he would have continue to go creating as that decade progressed.

Delightful roundup of photos, I especially like how you can see the reflection of his back in the mirror, it's as though you're glimpsing the who person, instead of just a face in a photo.

Wishing you a gorgeous day, sweetie - big hugs,
♥ Jessica

Simply Colette said...

Thanks for following. Your blog is so charming! I went to Belgium earlier this year. It is so pretty in spring. :)


E.K. said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Ms. B said...

He made such beautiful garments, quality work indeed!