Tuesday, July 22, 2008

the Brillante Blogger award!

I just saw it today, (because my boyfriend told me)....thanx Betsy for the Brillante Blogger Award! This feels so good! You are unique!!

I got it really busy these days, the hotel is open now and there are a lot of things to do! I'm so glad, we've created a lovely courtyard! Amazing...yes I know...the PICTURES!! As soon as possible I will show you the before and after!
my award goes to...
1.Betsy first of all, not because she gave it to me but really because I think that she's the best! with all my best wishes... http://www.frombetsywithlove.com/
7.THE photographer Libero Api! http://www.summerjamboree.blogspot.com/
a lot of greetz from tiz!!!