Monday, December 1, 2008

Vespa, a part of the Italian history.

What I really like from Italy is this culture of the Vespa. A very important innovation for the people in the late '40's and still so important. The old models are so facinating. Vespa is made by Piaggio, this was a producer of aircrafts of military importance. After the war they dedided to focus the attention on personal mobility for the masses of peolpe of Italy.Their attention went especially for the design.The first model (called paperino) that they've created was not a great soddisfaction for mister Piaggio but the second was! Vespa,because it 'looks like a wasp'.

This white model is the same as mine! My little jewel!

Whole the family...

so romantic...

greetz from tiz


please sir said...

Ohh I love Vespas - wish I could have one! Thanks for visiting Please Sir!

Anonymous said...

Haha I like the picture of a whole family on the Vespa. And I really like your blog!

greetz from tiz said...

thanx so much!
your blogs are also so nice!
see you soon x