Wednesday, January 7, 2009

flight cancelled

Hello! Here we are again...Happy New Year!
Hope you had all a good ending and a very fantastic, lovely, romantic (this is for my sister and her new boyfriend Tom!), rockin' new year!
Today my sister and I had a flight from Bologna to Belgium at 16h but we are still here in Bologna, the flight has been cancelled due to a lot of snow! So we had to take an hotel, so lovely, and we hope to have more luck tomorrow. In the mean time we had a walk in this city, a lot of shops, nice buildings...and we ate very well, so it is not that bad!
in the airport...
Bologna center

our hotel

I wish you all a good night!

(before I show you some pics about the new collection of Marc Jacobs that I really like a lot.)

greetz x


AlicePleasance said...

Mi spiace per il è vero, Bologna è una città carina. Ci ho abitato per 5 anni quando ero all'università, quindi se hai bisogno di consigli chiedi pure!
Buon viaggio!!

Anonymous said...

oh my...ovviamente appena nevica un pochino tutta l'italia si blocca ed è caos totale!! Io sono rientrata giusto in tempo visto che hanno chiuso l'aeroporto solo un paio d'ore dopo..

a cat of impossible colour said...

Happy New Year! :)