Friday, July 24, 2009

Adorable style

Do you know this blog? Vixen Vintage
It's a fabulous blog and she is so retrò!
This picture is their wedding picture , aren't they lovely and her dress is so beautiful and if you read her blog you will know where she has found it!
this is her etsy shop:
Solanah's shop

I adore her style!
Have a nice weekend girls, I will have a very busy week here in the hotel...and it is so hot these days!!


AlicePleasance said...

Adoro il suo blog e il suo style! E la storia del vestito da sposa è incredibile...!!!

Gina said...

I just love her blog! She has great style. Her blog is so full of life!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! There's one more post to come. :)

grazie mille, ciao!


Rina said...

Hi!! that red dress: oh! my god is really beautiful and looks so spanish. I added your blog to my fab blogs, because, of course, I love it.

Gingeyginge said...

Thank you for stopping by my blogg......On visiting your's I was so impressed that iv'e followed....

A red lipstick said...

I love Solanah's blog, her outfits and pictures are amazing.

Gina said...

Ciao! I gave your blog an award. Please check my blog for the details. :)

<3 Gina

Solanah said...

Aw, thank so much! It's so funny I just found your blog from anothers (I'm not sure who's) but I love it!


Darrah said...

I love that hat! My grandma collects vintage hats like that, and I always want to steal them!

Greetz from Tiz said...

thanx to you all for passing by!!
A big hug...greetz