Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dream bag!

The so sweet Diana from One Crafty Fox ,( check her blog there is a giveaway waiting for you), has tagged me for the Fantasy Glamorous Bag Challenge!I have to name my dream bag and the contents inside.
My dream bag is the Classic Chanel bag.I adore this bag since I was a child. It's perfect for classic and for vintage-modern outfits. I like it in black but it's also adorable in soft pink and red. Very Chic!

Inside my bags I always have a lot of things...Too much things! Well here I show you some of my musts:
Red lipstick always!
A Moleskine for little notes.
A little sewing kit, you'll never know!
A casio, pink please.
Little coin purse, I love the accessorize pockets and pochettes.
And last...but very important, Acqua di Colonia Santa Maria Novella

Well now I tag Stefanie Valentine, It's all make Believe, Isn'it?
I'm so curious!
Greetz, have a lovely day!


OneCraftyFox said...

Love it! I like how you have practical and glam items in your bag.

I posted another giveaway this morning, and there may even be a 3rd shortly. Keep an eye out and be sure to join :)

Stefanie Valentine said...

Ooh what fun, can't wait to show you my dream bag!

sueper said...

mooie handtas - alleen is hij zo wat 'over-gehyped', maar gevuld met onmisbare spullen

L'armadio del delitto said...

Molto raffinato il contenuto della tua borsa!