Friday, October 8, 2010

Fidaylove: pin-up's

Hi there, how was your week? Mine was full! yesterday we've had signed the contract of our new house.
The appartement where we are living now, is really cute and so nice with a wonderful sight on the sea. But it's too little, now that the family is growing. So we decided to rent a house, of the 60's, very vintage! We will move the 1 of november. So now we are searching for some new furniture. It will be fun but also hard work!!

Here some inspirations for the house, I found these really funny!
Pin-up wallpaper by Dupenny

Some pics:Elegant burlesque

Via Chloe van paris

Pics by Libero Api at the Summer Jamboree Burlesque show 2010
have a good weekend,
greetz full of love, x


Libero Api said...

Thanks! ;-)

Louise said...

LOVE that first print.

sueper said...

leuk, ben benieuwd om jullie huis je thuis!
de kousebandtattoo met geweer is het einde!