Friday, February 20, 2009

fourth of the fourth

I've been tagged by the so sweet a red lipstick to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder on my computer and write about it.

This is the picture that I adore, it was for a very long time on my desktop.I love the position of the woman, the passion that she puts into the dancing, the hats of the guys, the simplicity of the girls, all the black peolpe and the white policeman,..
I started to dance jive 3 years ago and it is really the only thing that makes me feel so 'light'.When I dance I don't think about nothing I just enjoy the music and I let me go completely.It's so relaxing.


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love tiz

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AlicePleasance said...

Grazie della tag! Sono appena tornata online dopo una settimana senza internet (terribile!!!), perciò nei prossimi giorni provvedo a postare la mia "quarta foto" :-)