Thursday, April 9, 2009

a special thought

There are no words to describe this disaster.
When I felt the quake that night I had no idea of the gravity.Where I live we do feel all the earthquakes of these days, not so strong, but I can assure you that it is a terrible feeling.I can't imagine the fear, desperation and pain of the people in Aquila and the other little towns around it.
A special thought to:
all the students and so young childeren, to all the persons who have lost their family, house...everything, to the fantastic people, doctors, firemen,nurses etc.who are working non- stop since monday.
You are all in my heart.

greetz x


[Tara] said...

I am so sorry about this...I hope you and your family are well. My thoughts are with you...

greetz from tiz said...

thank you sweet Tara,
with us everything is ok, we only felt it, here in our area. The poor people in Aquila have lost really everything.