Tuesday, November 17, 2009

home-made jewellery in the'40's

In the fourties women used to make jewellery at home with felt, wood, plastic and wire because of the lack of jewellery in the shops. During the war only identifications bracelets, cuff-links, studs and wedding rings were allowed to be manufactured, only under licence.
This because, only the most necessary articles were permitted to be manufactured.
A lot of magazines came out with do-it-yourself versions using unlikely materials to make your own brooches and necklaces etc.
Here some instructions of buttonholes, necklaces and brooches.

Also today this technic is still used, I think that these brooches are really beautiful...

on etsy: aaliciawedding's shop

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sandyxxx said...

This is such a FANTASTIC approach to the 'purple cow' question. Really brilliant. I love that you asked everybody so in a way, it was constructive feedback. I also love how you have named your cow but I feel that I must add that even if your cow is 'complex' there is also a sense of balance and harmony with your designs that make all the different elements work together.

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