Thursday, February 18, 2010

Me on TV!

pics Libero Api
Hello my dears,
these pictures were made in september 2008, here in Senigallia during the make of a belgian Tv program called 'Droomhuis onder de zon'.( dreamhouse under the sun). Well Els Tibaut, the beautiful blond lady, takes a couple in fabulous warm places to find their dreamhouse. And this time they came to Italy or better in The Marche, a mervellous region in the middle of Italy, not very known but even more beautiful than the well known Tuscany. During the program they meet different belgian people that now live in foreign countries...and so they arrived at me. Me because I'm belgian but also because the young couple love the '40's and '50's like me and so we talked about my experience in Italy, we had a walk in a flea market and we danced jive together in the 'rotonda' during a party of the Summer Jamboree.
Such a beautiful day.
Yesterday finally the program was broadcast. I already had seen it on a dvd that they've sent me some months ago but my family, friend and my parents that are in Belgium now, they have seen it all together yesterday! So funny!
Greetz by Tiz, x


Stefanie Valentine said...

Ooh you're famous! That sounds like a really interesting program! x

AlicePleasance said...

Che bello e che bella che sei nelle foto!

sueper said...

wat jammer dat ik het niet wist, anders had ik gekeken!!!

Stéphanie said...

Fabulous Tiziana ! You're lovely !