Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is belgian

Hi my dear friend,
today I show you this incredible fantastic and creative temporary shop in Antwerpen, Belgium.
It's the Guerilla Store of A.F.Vandevorst.

A.F.'s logo is a Red Cross and one of their first shows in Paris featured a room of mid-century hospital beds. And now they have chosen for this shop the medical furniture,ooohh...I love it!

A.F Vandevorst is one of my favorites belgian designers for women, check the site.

I wish you all a lovely evening or a nice day,

Greetz from Tiz, x


Simply Colette said...

Lovely! Have a great day. :)

kEkURe said...


Retro Old School Rocka

Its all about vespa generation and for die hard vespa fans..haha..i tink so..Also review the retro and the old school evolution..60's,70's,80's & 90's..CHECK IT OUT!!!

Maxie said...

oooh mooie winkel,
ik moet mijn zus nog eens gaan bezoeken in a'pen en dan ga ik er zeker eens langs!

Couture said...

Looks great!