Tuesday, June 28, 2011

bouton collier by Fiorella Sartoria

Today I wanna talk a little bit about Fiorella. She is an artist. Her creations, not only clothes but also jewels and her 'Fiore maison' collection are masterpieces of perfection, quality and hard work. I went to visit her in her Atelier,where she works, it was amazing.Her workshop is a fantastic place where you can let go your imagination, just choose your particular textile and show the pattern of a lovely dress, she takes the measurements and makes it for you! You can see her passion for this art in the details.I find it so fascinating , a dress made for you and only you, an unique piece of art made on your body! That's her work.Fiorella gots a lot of experience, she was very young when she started this work.

This lady is bursting with new ideas and inventions .Now she has created the 'bouton collier'.

Bouton Collier is a extraordinary collection of necklaces made with buttons. So simple but so special, an elegant asseccories that completes your outfit in every occasion. Handmade with love.

for info ,please contact me or
sartoria via Ancona 11660035 Jesi (An)
box@sartoriafiorella.com www.sartoriafiorella.com
showroom in Milan: via Bligny 29

greetz from tiz,x


Imelda said...

Prachtige kettingen!

pumps & luiers said...

leuke details, echt vakwerk

L'armadio del delitto said...

Sono contenta che vi siete incontrate! Mi piace tantissimo il suo lavoro, infatti voglio assolutamente fare le foto del bouton collier, che porto spesso.

a deal a day said...

The pop of the purple button-down (can't find the last time I wore it

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

That red necklace is beautiful! =)


bunny said...

Sarai al summer jamboree quest'anno? Io ci sarò e spero proprio di poterti incontarre di persona!!


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