Monday, January 23, 2012


Hi there, have you had a good week-end?
Mine was relaxing, with the family...
Friday I did a a very important thing...I cut my hair!
Yes for me it is always a big event. I wear since always very long year...but since friday...tatatatat...just under my shoulders!
I love long hair but I really wanted something new and with Gianmaria I don't always have the time to dedicate to my I've choosen for this cut! I will post soon some pictures...In the mean time, I show you some images of 'how I can easily wear my hair now'.
In a messy but so elegant bun

wild and easy
or retro!!

What do you think?

images via Ma Muse de Mode fashionfever

Greetz from Tiz, x


Rina said...

Oh! It´s so difficult to decide what kind of haircut! I always want short, but I have curly hair, so It never works as same as the model. So that´s why I keep it long now..


elisse said...

I vote for the retro hairstyle!

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He's getting so big! Those toys look fabulous too! I'm going to have to check out their website since I have lots of baby showers to go to soon!