Friday, January 13, 2012

A new year , a new begin and new ballerinas!

Today I start again with regular posts!

I miss you all so much and even if I really don't have a lot of free time , I WANT absolutely to post on my blog.
I can say that since the birth of my little boy, now 10 months, things changed. I spend all my time with him. He is my life! But now, even if I have to post late at night, I will do that!

So girls, I'm back and full of energy and I hope to see you here again!

Well, to start a good year I bought myself imediately a present, ;-)
new ballerinas, and I have to say that I adore these pretty french Repetto!
So comfortable and so vintage...
These are mine!
Brigitte Bardot and her red repetto ballerinas.

See you tomorrow!
Greetz from Tiz


pumps & luiers said...

leuk dat je terug bent! xxx

Bi. said...

lieve ballerina's! en dat kistje is echt wel vintage:-) x

cheap prom dresses said...

What beautiful photographs Misty! It sounds like you're really enjoying the fall and all it has to offer!