Sunday, July 8, 2012

J'adore...(Raf Simons for) Dior

Back from a too long pause. So many months without blogging. But these days I felt absolutely the need to post, first of all because I miss you dear followers and also because I have a lot of new things to tell you. But let's start and than step by step I will tell you my new 'beginning'. Let's talk about the new genius of Christian Dior. Raf Simons. Have you seen his first 'Dior' show? ART.Simply perfect! The walls were decked with so many and colourful flowers, it made me think at princesses in a fairy tale. Amazing. Here some of his creations. I especialy adore the pockets in these dresses, so feminine and so chic.

greetz, see you tomorrow!


Dior SUMMERSET 1S said...

This collection got very mixed reviews, which is probably good. It drew more media attention for Raf Simons. I like the silhuettes, but thought collection lacked details.

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How incredibly pretty - she looks she's an sophisticate who just stepped out of a 1930s or early 40s photo.

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