Sunday, July 8, 2012

my 'zusie'

This beautiful woman is my sister Bianca, here at the Dior show in Paris.
Love here!
ps.she is wearing a shirt of the new collection Greetz from Tiz, soon in the shop.


Pretty cool stuff said...

Mooie zus!
Intrigerende blog..ik ga je volgen.Ben benieuwd naar meer...woon je in Italy...zalig land, voel me daar thuis.

Benedetta (Daddy's neatness) said...

wow, your sister is an angel!!! :O



ernø said...

Your sister is lucky to be at the show ! Summer Jamboree is coming soon, you shoulb be happy...see you.

bridalbuy said...
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Jessica Cangiano said...

How incredibly pretty - she looks she's an sophisticate who just stepped out of a 1930s or early 40s photo.

♥ Jessica

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