Monday, August 24, 2009

day 9-10 SJ

hey ladies,
unfortunately the long waited 10th edition of the SJ is finished...
I've worked very hard these 10 days at the stand , my jumpers were appreciated a lot and that is a great satisfaction for me! I had a very lovely time, I met great people, one is the lovely Anna,the cupcake diary.I'm sorry that I haven't made a lot of pictures, only a few with my mobile ...;-(
but soon Libero Api will pubblic online all the picture made during these 10 days!

lovely girl with my jumper!
anna and me
dancing at the rotonda
me with Dario Salvatori and the super pleasant Paola

my favorite of this 10th edition
in the stand:
with mary
A. and Caterina
I hope to show you very soon some real pics and not these bad made with my mobile...
have a lovely monday,
a big hug


AlicePleasance said...

Bello il vestito! Ti sta benissimo! I'm already missing these uber fun vintage days...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful jumper!
Looks like a fun time
Look forward to more pictures!