Saturday, August 1, 2009

Feeling blue

These days are very hard for me.

I really sometimes don't understand the persons how they can be so bad and without respect. I've always put all my heart and soul in everything I did but unfortunatelly not everybody is made in this way ad this makes me so sad. At my work I've always tryed to satisfy in the best way our guests but yesterday I was explaining this to a new,very young girl who had to start work (we need more help in the hotel because I'm working at an other project and so my presence there will be less) and she was so pretentious, not at all humble...un unacceptable behaviour! I've never had such a behaviour with a superior in my life! So it hurts that all the work that you do with all your heart can be destroyed in a second.

So, I wanted to thank my parents and my teachers (because I think that they have a very important rule in our life)for given me a good breeding and learned me to have always respect.

and....I send a big kiss to a very special friend who is having a hard time now but I'm sure that everything will be ok very soon because she's so strong!

I'm sorry, I hope that I don't make you sad with these lines...

You know what...I will go to the beach and have a relaxing weekend because I really deserve it! Wish you all the best!!

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AlicePleasance said...

Mi dispiace che tu stia passando un nomento così...le persone piene di pretese e con poco rispetto degli altri mi danno veramente fastidio. Brava, vai a rilassarti un po' in spiaggia e pensa solo a belle cose :-)